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Caitlin Kelli Mcbride

Caitlin Kelli Mcbride

Caitlin McBride is a third-year law student at Michigan State University College of Law, specializing First Amendment and Intellectual Property. She has a degree in English from Central Michigan University, and in 2017, she joined MSU's First Amendment Law Clinic, teaching student journalists across the state of Michigan about their legal rights through a series of interactive workshops. She continued this research over the summer with a legal internship at the Student Press Law Center in Washington, D.C., working with legal experts to help student journalists across the country.

Nancy Constello

Nancy Costello

Nancy Costello, Co-Founder and Director of the First Amendment Law Clinic at Michigan State University College of Law, has a unique blend of expertise in journalism and First Amendment law. She was a reporter for 15 years at the Associated Press, Detroit Free Press, and the Harvard University News Office before practicing law with Dickinson Wright PLLC in Detroit. She also served as editor of her high school yearbook and a reporter on her student newspaper. She joined the faculty at MSU College of Law in 2002. As Director of the First Amendment Clinic, Professor Costello supervises The McLellan and oversees law student clinicians who conduct First Amendment Workshops at Michigan high schools and field legal questions about free speech rights from high school journalists. Professor Costello noted the importance of the Clinic’s partnership with The McLellan:

“High school is where young people learn they have free speech rights. They carry that lesson into adulthood to speak out against injustice, and to create change. The McLellan Online Library extends the First Amendment Clinic’s support to students across the country.”